Program Outcome

This program is a specialisation course that provides students with industrial experiences to prepare them for the work industry. Upon completions of this program, the student should be able to:
1. Realize the reality of the working life in the hospitality and tourism society.
2. Understand the operational measures in the hospitality and tourism industry.
3. Permit students to implement and attain efficient interpersonal and communication skills.
4. Facilitate the students to be equipped psychologically, physically and morally towards the rigidity of working at operational and management stage after graduation.
5. To make possible the students to exercise writing reports.

Assessment Criteria

Section A: Attendance at hotel
Section B: Employer evaluation
50%25% Above (pass)
Internship final report30%15% Above (pass)
Monthly submission of Log Sheets & Oral Presentation of Log Sheet20%10% Above (pass)